Friday, February 19, 2010


HEY! dis is not bcoz of jakon but just bcoz of best. well, yesterday pegi genting with my nenek,aunty,uncle,mum,cousin and so on la. jam gile la. we had to park so far from the theme park. but nasib baik thres a shuttle van yg free bwk us to the theme park. we all thought tht main outdoor games, but rupe2nye main indoors je. mule2 boring . first tngk 3D, thn naik roller coaster, best, the pekerja at the roller coaster hensem deyh pulk tuh :)). then masuk ruma hantu but kne byr. ruma hantu pon best jugk, best gile la. the crew at the ruma hantu ade la try nk ngorat us, da msuk ruma antu ni,thgh takot gile,screaming pulak tu.. the crews bole lg tny kteorg dr mane, kacau mood tol la. quite fun la jgk :)).
just 3 games je main. then balik.
then today, siang quite boring, but petang best la. me and my cousins pegi jogging at tmn bukit jalil. we all punye la jogging, then tpk kasut my cousin nk tecabut. so me and my other cousin tpakse la jln kaki balik ruma amik spare shoe. smpi je tmn tu, nmpk la my cousin tu kne ngorat,terok tol. then jogging la lg. after tht we all eat kt gerai yg dkt2 kt tmn tu. pekerja gerai tu lk nk ngorat us,lg terok. befor balik, we all pegi tandas, nk keluar tu ade la org sneeze, mm tekejot berok la. i screamed o. malu gile. then balik la tros.
thts all la. sori la if my post is mostly in malay :((.
ps:saz i didnt bought u anything la.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


hai guys. ive came to school today but im not in class the whole day. where the hell did go?hehe. me, saz, ekin n aisyah had all gone to this kursus, kursus ketrampilan diri. its quite fun but quite boring too. the fun and humilating part is tht we all had to belakon and even talk about our ambition infront of everyone. other thn tht its quite boring.

thts all la.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Merentas Desa 2010.

ignore the pic of me.its quite stupid.
helo peeps, today the whole school had gone to Tmn Bkt Jall. ade merentas desa. pokoknye pnt deyh. its a very long run. but the view there was very breath takin'.
i think i got the almost last place kothehe.
the rumah sukan tht got 1st place is surely MERAH, but HIJAU 2nd place deyhyay.

thts all la kot for today. :))


Wednesday, February 3, 2010


OMG! its been weeks i havent post anything. sorry guys. :((
my pocket money is half empty buying presents for SZARRA IZZAATIE(saz) and NUR FARAH ASYIKIN(ekin)hehe.dieorg just had their bdays. saz bday was on 31st of jan while ekin's today,3rd of feb. im so happy for them la. they had turned 16 n getting older every minueteheh.
i just cant wait for my coming bday on 7thSept.
thts all for today la.