Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Little SunShine.

he came yesterday. he comes to me. smiling. then shockingly he hit me with his big head. 'what didi i do?' . haha. so funny. then i played with him. he played the piano. like pro kn? kn? :)) then he eateat, play the guitar, read books or rather throwing books. bhaha.
LOVE my babay cousin DAFI. muaxx.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


HAPPY FATHERS DAY PAPA! gave donuts tht i bought at midvalley while outing with my bff saz. to papa. but the fuunny thing is i gave it the day bofore fathers day. bhaha. papa just accept it. and love the donuts so much. he didnt stop asking me how much is it. bcoz he wants to buy it in the near future.
then my mother ajak the family to putrajaya. naik cruise. but papa dont want bcoz his tired. so juz mama, adm n me je la pegi. when we arrived, my mother ask about the cruise, it open at 5.30pm. but the fee is so mahal. luckily my mum ade 2 free tickets naik cruise from her friend. so my mum jus bought one ticket. while we wait till 5.30, we go eateat. found a place to sit, my mum search her bag. "kenapa mama??" she search more and more. she lost her purse! mama tels adm to go runrun to the ticket counter. adm came back. his hand was empty, but his smiling. he found mama purse. yayyy.
after eateat. my mum solat and then naik cruise.

Monday, June 14, 2010


woke up at 8am. my cousin invited my go biking at tmn _ (forget the taman name) at shh alm. arrived there at 11.3oam. it was so fun. i lovelovelove it very much. but the thing is, im still buncit. bhahaha. we roundround first the taman with the bus provided. then we sewa bikes. we naik bukit.. turun bukit.. saw animals, especially the wild monkeys. spent time there till masuk zohor.
well, thxs kak long, for inviting us. loveya always.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


im not at kampung the 1st week of cuti. had to balik awl bcoz my mum has to go to sri lanka. my first time home alone wit my bro. we didnt go out. huhu. my dad work the whole week. so jus me n my bro at home. my mum departed at 3am tuesday morning.

tuesday, breakfast cococrunch. lunch sandwich tuna. dinner wit dad at mcdonalds. the whole day basuh baju, hang baju n iron baju. dont do it often when my mum ade. huhu. n watch tv, online.

wednesday, breakfast roti n lauk daging(found it in freezer). lunch nasi n lauk daging. dinner=lunch. watch tv saja.

thursday, breakfast nasi lemak,go out wit dad. lunch order dominos(got 2 box pizzas,eat one only). dinner eat the other box of pizza. the whole day doin noting.

friday/today, adm go to mustaqim house early in the morning. didnot breakfast,woke up late. lunch roti. online n watch tv while waiting my mum come home.

such a boring week.


Saturday, May 15, 2010


i didnt know tht i was hurting u. i tought u didnt heard wht i said. so i repeated "nadiah nangis td". im so veryveryvery sorry. u know wht ekin, i cried in class after muni told me tht u thought i was blaming u. i know thts the stupidest mistake i had done. pls forgive me. "aku mintak maaf sgtsgt ekin!" i never want u to hate me.
i dont wnt to be in anybodys side right now.
p/s hope tht u will forgive me.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I M BACK , KOT ? :((

lots had happen since my last post. crazy,sad,fun things had happened.
i wont post much often now, coz my otak lately likes to be blank. like now.
so thts all i can post today. see i told you so tht my otak is blank.

Friday, March 5, 2010


its been weeks since i posted anything, weeks too since shes gone to SBP. im not missing her but im quite dull without her. recess time would be a bit boring coz its only me n ekin together. si aisyah is prefect. so just the both of rehat bersama. well, i will see her whn school holiday comes. cant wait kot.