Monday, March 1, 2010


25th-27th had gone to sarawak. it was exciting. gone there by plane. the fasi2 there so peramah. then gone to their school, smpi2 sne i was shock by their school ragbi players, the had done a hakka dance. it was so shocking la. then, at night had gone to the waterfront. got nice view there. the next day, pagi2 had gone to kedai kek lapis. bought many kek lapis do. my mom nk. then pegi kilang pasu. nothing much there. then pegi kampung budaya. there,ad so much fun. tht night ade majlis. many pesembhan had done. the last day, had gone to serikin. serikin is like a pasar. didnt bought much there, but at main bazaar plenty.

sorry, quite boring.


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