Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i've been told.


well, my english sucks! someone told me tht my english blog is kinda funny. well for someone who also thinks tht it is mmg funny, i will try to improve it la okpuas?. and this is why my blog is in english la u.

change topic la. umm, today is the 2nd week and 2nd day of school. nothing happend much la. its such a bored day today.
oh yeah, after school we go to BB* again to tngk2 tht stupid THING tht adm just gotit just wont work at home. well i tried my luck again dgn pujuk2 my mom. but i got rejection. im so sad la. well i treat my brother badly again lahehe. :))

p.s. : i got an A for english on PMR2009HEE! :))


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