Sunday, January 10, 2010


i dont know whose fault it is that made me cry in the inside. either its my dearest fathers fault/my crazy brother,adam.
it all started around 11.25a.m on 10th jan1o when we go jln-jln at BB*. my father promises tht he would buy this new THING for adam, and i thougt tht i could get it toobecause of my good grades. when we get to the store i found out tht adm sorng je yg dpthe dont even hav good grades and he didnt even make my prnts proud. firstly i didnt feel anything, but when we got out from the store, i feel anger coming out from mehehe,so poetic, but i dont show it la. but i treat my brother badlygood for him.

this is wht my angry face would look like hehe

btw, sorry for not updatin'thts wht evry blogger said when they dont update it for so long hehe.


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